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Capital Communications

Quality, Integrity, and Dependability

New, Used, or Refurbished….

Whether you need an entire system or a single component, we endeavor to meet the needs of our customers completely, quickly, and with the highest quality equipment and services.

A Solutions Based Communications Company

Capital Communications is an Arkansas based Telecommunications Company serving its customers with quality equipment and service for voice, video, and data


Our knowledge, experience, reputation has enabled us to provide clear choices and informed solutions to our customers. As a communications consultant and total-solution vendor, Capital Communications constantly reviews a host of products in order to provide the highest quality solutions that can improve your communications, increase your productivity and enhance your organization’s image.


Capital Communications prides itself in offering carefully selected featured line of products and services designed to support small and medium sized businesses.


At Capital Communications, our goal has always been and always will be, to provide our customers with the best information, highest quality products, with dependable installation, and efficient service to support their audio, video, and data needs.

Like a beacon in the night …

Capital Communications is here to support your organization’s total communications needs.

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